Norskprøven: you don't scare me!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

“Ugh, tests!” Am I right?

This is the normal reaction to anything even remotely resembling a graded assessment of one’s skills. That painful grunt is then followed by the gasp of a terrorized person waiting for their impending doom.

Surely, we can all agree that tests are not good news…

But here I am, about to tell you that you absolutely should love this particular test. Why?

Well, ok… Let me tell you why.

The Virtues of the Norwegian language test

There are a few advantages of the Norwegian test.

First, it is a HUGE time and money-saver. Gone are the days when you had to take 250+ hours of Norwegian language courses to get your Norwegian permanent residency or citizenship. Nowadays, all you have to do is pass all four parts (reading, writing, listening, and oral) of Norskprøven for adults by Kompetanse Norge. At Lenoo, you can get from A0—B2 in about 110 hours or less. Think about all the mountains you can hike with that extra 140 hours. Think of all the Kvikklunsj you can buy to eat on these hikes with the money you’ll have saved! I don’t know about you, but I like to save time and money more than I hate tests.

Second, you can use it as a proof of competence for job applications and advanced studies. Sure, the world would be a better place if you never had to take another test again. During interviews, the interviewer could simply ask you anything to test your knowledge and competence in the language.

But just imagine how impractical that would be. Let’s say that during an interview, someone asks you: What’s the Norwegian word for “elevator”? How about “orange”? What’s the difference between begge and både? Translate this phrase for me: “I am late because my car broke down.Wouldn’t that be a little unprofessional, if not a little awkward? Could anyone get an accurate, thorough picture of someone’s overall Norwegian knowledge in a quick sit-down like this?

Having documentary proof of your language level with your norskprøve results, you could just silently insert your test results with your other requirements. The interviewer would now only have to ask, “What level did you get in norskprøven?”, to which you would respond, “B2,” and the two of you could move on to talk about salaries and whatnot.

The Norwegian test results are clear statements of your competency in the language. I’m not saying tests are great, but I am saying that they’re a handy shortcut when you want to prove your language chops. That’s why many governments, companies, and institutions require them from applicants.

And now that we’re talking about it, I’ve thought of a third virtue of the Norwegian test—and this is one is a bit more personal—and that is that by anticipating the exam, it will spark a righteous fire under you, compelling you to prepare! You’ll have an excellent motivation to hit the books, work those flashcards, and stay in on Saturday evenings.

Often, you can only achieve this kind of furious dedication when you know that you’ll be answering to Someone Else. When you’re working for your benefit, you can somehow lose that urgency, and studying doesn’t have the same seriousness as when it’s for a government-sanctioned assessment. You’ve got this one shot to prove yourself (unless you want to pay the fee and sit down to take the test again). As a result, your study and review sessions will result in a very in-depth learning that you would not have otherwise had if you had not been so focused on preparing for the exam.

So, see? This test is actually a GREAT test, especially if you know of entertaining and efficient ways to prepare for it, like with Lenoo’s online and classroom test preparation courses. We’ve got proven methods to get you the results you want on norskprøven quickly, painlessly, and dare I say... enjoyably!

And really, the last (but certainly not least) virtue of language proficiency tests is that after you pass them, they become bona fide confidence boosters. They add a spring to your step, and scaffolding to your chin so that it always remains up. To know that you scored a B1 or B2 on norskprøven is enough to make you wanna brag, even if it’s just to your mom.

You jumped a hurdle, knocked one out of the park, scored an impossible goal. So, what can life throw your way that you can’t handle? You now have personal proof that as long as you put your mind to something, you’ll make it.

The next Norwegian test period is Monday, 20 September - Friday, 01 October. It is no coincidence that our classroom-based courses finish just in time for norskprøven! We want the information we share to be fresh in your minds when you take the test. You can register for the test with Kompetanse Norge between 23 August - 27 August.

Go ahead and start preparing. You've got this. And we've got you.

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