Join our online courses. We have A1, A2 and B1 preparation course for the Norwegian test. All our courses will set you up for success when it comes to passing the Norwegian test, integrating into Norwegian society, landing that dream job, ace the interview and kick start your dream of living and working in Norway. 

We have courses starting up now in April. with teachers, in online classrooms, with class mates, material provided for you, and interactive activities:)

Let us know which course you want to attend:Email us

A1 daytime.7 wweks course. starts 20th April. Mondays & wednesdays 10:00-12:00. 1399 kr.

A1 9 days intensive. Spread over 2 weeks.starts 20th april. 12:30-15:00. 949 kr.
-(Schedule: Week 1: Mon, tues, thurs, friday.
            Week 2: mon, tue, thurs, fri & saturday

A1 evening 20th april. 7 weeks. Monday & wednesdays 17:30-19:30. 1399 kr.

A2 daytime 21st April, 7 weeks. Tuesday & thursday. 10:00-12:00. 1399 kr.

A2 evening 21st April. 7 weeks. Tuesdays & thursdays 17:30-19:30. 1399 kr.

A2 9 days intensive. Starts 4th May. 12:30-15:00. 949 kr.
-(Schedule: Week 1: Mon, tues, thurs, friday.
            Week 2: mon, tue, thurs, fri & saturday

B1 7 weeks. 7 weeks. Fridays 17:30-19:30. 699 kr.

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