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Free Trial Classes

Come and get a taste of what the learning experience is like at Lenoo. All of our teachers use the same method, one that is tailored to help you SPEAK Norwegian, and use it in your everyday life right from the very start.

Every month, we offer short 2-hour freebie classes, with the intention of helping you become familiar with our method. ♥ We want to get you off the fence, and into the classroom -virtual or physical! 


Scroll down the page for a small video which gives you a glimpse inside our online courses.


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Monthly free trial classes:


A1 Online: 25th May from 17:30-19:30

A2 Online: 25th May from 19:30-21:30

B1 Online: 27th May from 17:30-19:30

To sign up for a free trial class, simply contact us and mention which level class you'd like to try, then we will sign you up and send you a link to join. Welcome! We can't wait to meet you. 

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